I offer several options for finding the answers to your questions.



To help potential clients, I’ve provided answers to some of my most frequently asked questions. If you have anymore, just email me.

18 years experience in the design profession, with 8 of those dealing exclusively in web design.

I’m hired to give businesses a distinctive, enduring appearance — one that makes them stand out from their competitors and brings them closer to their goals. My work helps to increase client profits through better attraction and retention of their ideal customers.

A brand’s visual identity is an investment, and when you combine it with a great product or service it’ll pay off year after year for the life of a business.

It varies depending on what’s needed. I’m happy to send a quote or give a quote when I know more specifics.

No. Design isn’t a commodity.

In the same way that clients choose their designers, designers choose their clients. It’s up to the designer to work with those who value their skills.

Time frames generally vary from three weeks to three months depending on deliverables.

Possibly. My focus is always on current clients, and I won’t work on more than two projects at a time. That’s good news for those who hire me — they get a lot more of my time and attention.

After I’ve asked questions, done my research, and drafted a design brief, clients play an important role in deciding what direction the identity will take. I’ll come up with a variety of appropriate ideas, they’ll be narrowed down to the strongest possible options, before ultimately I prepare and send a PDF presentation showing the best designs in a variety of relevant contexts (on signage, clothing, business cards, etc.).

Feedback is taken on board, possible revisions are made, and when everyone’s excited at the result, artwork is supplied in original formats along with full ownership.

That’d be easy, but is it really a good idea to fit in? It’s more difficult, but ultimately much more rewarding, if the design sets a company apart.

The majority of my clients are overseas. As much as I enjoy meeting face-to-face, I’ve found that talking on the phone, through video calls, and communicating by email can save everyone a lot time that would otherwise be spent travelling.

With most projects I ask for a 50 percent downpayment by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cash before scheduling the work. The remaining 50 percent is paid on work is complete.

I’m always happy to recommend others. Tell me what you need, and what your budget is.